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1 million words
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Synonyms & roots
Inflected & conjugated forms

Sanskrit Text-to-speech

Computers can talk Sanskrit! A Sanskrit Text-to-Speech Engine



Explore the richness of
Sanskrit synonyms
See how they have
traveled to other


Visually explore
roots, see how
they form words.

Brāhmī Output

Brāhmī script has been used throughout South-Asia
it forms the basis many of today's scripts in the region.

Word Frequency

Visually explore
the most common
words in Sanskrit .


Browser based
OCR tool that
converts Devanāgarī
or IAST to Unicode

Sandhi Learning Game

An animated game
for learning the rules of Sandhi


Intuitively type Sanskrit
learn to communicate
in Sanskrit


Sanskrit Posters

Wall posters for
learning and enjoying Sanskrit


64 Arts

A presentation of the 64 arts
an ancient educational paradigm


We create tools to aid learning and appreciation of the Sanskrit language

Sanskrit Reference Tools

Sandhi Invaders

Word Frequency Tool

Root Explorer

Synonym Explorer

Brāhmī Output

Sanskrit OCR

Sanskrit Text to Speech

2016 Pāṇini Workshop

64 Arts

Sanskrit Posters

Sanskrit Dictionary

Sanskrit Writer

Web Based Sanskrit Parser

Sanskrit Archive

Pāṇini Research Tool

A very appealing Sanskrit word-frequency application, quite apart from its technical utility, I think this application has an exemplary user interface.

Dominik WujastykUniversity of Alberta

Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate the work you’ve put into this. It’s a great tool. I’m sending all of my students here to use it. Many thanks!

Guy LeavittColumbia University

A Herculean effort!

Naveen Luthra

The pāṇini study tool is amazing! I am so glad that someone has taken the time to put these resources together.

Andrew OllettHarvard University

Thank you for a very wonderful resource. It is impossible to express how great it is to have the MW, Apte and other dictionaries available.

Keith Morgan

Wow... This exists!! Really appreciate the effort you guys put in... really thankful…

Prateek Srivastava

This project is just fantastic! Kuddos

Santosh Gokhale

Wonderful work in the field of Sanskrit. This is an immense and most commendable work.

Sampadananda MishraSri Aurobindo Society

Martin was kind enough to give me an advanced peek at his new mirror of the Digital Library of India, as a beta tester. The quietness and brevity of his announcement belie the magnitude of this achievement. It's a simply wonderful resource to have available, and it is a larger set of DLI materials than exists at Archive.org. Having the DLI in two forms, with different interfaces, is a tremendous gift to scholarship in our field.

Dominik WujastykUniversity of Alberta

It is really useful to students of Sanskrit.

Krishna Rao

I never realized how much I need your excellent site until I couldn't get it.

Jiva Das

Congratulations to the DLI website, by the way. Super useful.

Oliver HellwigUniversity of Zurich

You are amazing!

Krishnaprasad G

This is a WONDERFUL tool-- thank you so much for making it available. And belated thanks for the wonderful DLI mirror as well. They are both great contributions to the scholarly community.

Tyler WilliamsUniversity of Chicago

I wanted to first congratulate you on two tools that are enormously useful tools. I have only just played around with the OCR tool and DLI interface, but they're both massive improvements on what was available previously.

Andrew OllettHarvard University

An amazing work you’ve done there....I’d have thought it the result of a lifetime of research, but you did it in just a few short years. Congratulations.

KaivalyanathaswamiHinduism Today

It is a very useful service and accurate for output. Thank you. I use it all the time...and suggest people to use it.


Martin is probably the highest-achieving student I have ever had the pleasure of teaching…(he) created an interactive online research tool which captures many reference materials on individual entries of the grammar. This tool is in the public domain and is already being used by students and scholars worldwide. This is a truly remarkable achievement and a valuable contribution to global Sanskrit scholarship.

McComas TaylorAustralian National University

Thanks very much for what you’ve done...I think this should be very useful indeed.

George CardonaUniversity of Pennsylvania

I am impressed by the sheer breadth of the perspective that your work is based upon. I wish you all the best in this grand project.

Malhar KulkarniIIT Bombay

Thank you for producing this wonderful resource!

Jan WesterhoffUniversity of Oxford


Robert Svoboda

Many thanks, guys, for such a wonderful project! You have done a great job!


I think you are doing a commendable work of presenting and promoting Sanskrit in step with the times.

Sushant Sharma

Thank you...you deserve a medal for your tireless efforts in making tools that makes Sanskrit more accessible.

Andri Lindbergs

I’ve been searching all over for IAST based keying to enter svaras on IAST. No luck! This solved all my issues.

Mac App Store Review

The service you are doing to the culture and Sanskrit is really great.

Aditya Pabbaraju

Congratulations...this is an amazing resource.

Madhav DeshpandeUniversity of Michigan

The OCR is amazingly good! I thought we were still many years from having such a facility.

Dominik WujastykUniversity of Alberta

Very admirable work. I extend gratification to the all of devoted to the work.

Surendra Nath Rai

I just wanted to tell you that you aren’t just doing good work...you are doing absolutely fabulous work!

Mita RadhakrishnanAuroville Language Lab

I have been playing and testing the amazing tool you have created, and I am thoroughly impressed!

Yigal BronnerThe Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Meanwhile, I'm just getting used to looking things up...and it's transformative. For me, it's up there with the online MW, as a resource that I expect to use daily. It will be a godsend to anyone writing manuscript catalogues in the future.

Dominik WujastykUniversity of Alberta

Thanks for the update, and more generally, for the amazing work you and your team are doing.

Yigal BronnerThe Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Thanks a lot for this access to the treasure. It is a wonderful work.

Madhusudan RimalUniversity of Alberta

Thanks for sharing this wonderful map-based information on NCC catalogue locations...this representation is clear and graphic.

Sudha GopalakrishnanIndia International Centre

I am using the Pāṇini Research Tool nearly every day. I am pleased to see that Antonia Ruppel is using your Sanskrit Dictionary as her standard go-to source too.

Dr. McComas TaylorAustralian National University

What you are doing is a true service to Sanskrit and Indian scholarship, Martin. I'm very grateful to you for your efforts, which will help future generations so very much.

Prof. Dominik WujastykUniversity of Alberta

Let me begin by saying a big thank you for all the work you and your team have been doing in digitising these CESS volumes. You guys are amazing!

AJ Misra

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