Sanskrit Writer allows you to input Sanskrit rapidly using an intuitive method.

The method requires the user to simply “draw” the IAST character from top to bottom when they want to type a letter/sound that does not exist in English or their native language. For example to type ā (long aa) simply type -a. Why? Because the IAST character has a – above the a and the system is to type-draw it from top to bottom. Following this ~n will render ñ and ‘s will render ś and so forth. The hot key to toggle the output mode is Ctrl + Alt + S (on Windows) and Command + Control + S (on Mac). Output can be one of IAST, देवनागरी  or Brāhmī, it is your choice.

It was developed after extensive evaluation of existing methods which seemed inadequate to say the least. The criteria was to have a system to input Sanskrit as efficiently as you can your native language without having to learn a new “system” rather an intuitive and simple method that could be taught in less than 1 minute to a new user.

With another hotkey an intelligent dictionary that allows you to look up any form of any of its words easily.

Our wish here was that users would use a computer to type e-mails or letters to each other in Sanskrit as a form of practical application of Sanskrit grammar. The ideal would be to see users engaging in Sanskrit on a daily basis to practice and build confidence and skill levels.

The dictionary has all needed forms of nouns, pronouns and verbs after locating the word of your choice you can expand all the forms and select your choice in the context you need:

When you get a reply form a friend you might need to look up their Sanskrit, this is supported too: