Sanskrit Alphabet Poster:

What is unique about this poster is it shows the Sanskrit sounds with a system that guides you on where and how to pronounce the particular sound. The phonology of Sanskrit is one of its beauties as it has been preserved unlike most ancient languages. We also show the devanāgarī, IAST and brāhmī forms for each sound along with the rarer or less common devanāgarī forms.

Greek and Sanskrit poster:

The closeness of Greek and Sanskrit has been noted by many eminent scholars and William Jones was the first in modern times to notice this. In honour of the closeness we have prepared this poster showing the sounds of ancient Greek and Sanskrit and their respective writing systems.

Tamil and Sanskrit poster:

This poster shows Tamil and Sanskrit sounds and scripts together. What is fascinating here is how Tamil was until around 500AD written in Brāhmī characters.

Learning to read Brāhmī Poster

This poster was prepared in honour of the beautiful and ancient Brāhmī script which is the mother script of the modern Sanskrit scripts such as Devanāgarī. Brāhmī had been used in a vast geographical area spanning Afghanistan to The Philippines:

20 Guṇa Poster

We made this poster for young learners to learn the opposites and the 20 guṇas of Āyurveda.

Sanskrit and Maldivian

Dhivehi, the language of the Maldives, is a descendant of an old Prakrit and very closely related to Sanskrit. As the language of an island nation, it has developed in unique and fascinating ways.