Little Red Book - September 2011

An online reference to the Little Red Book of McComas Taylor

SanskritWriter for Windows - October 2011

Touch typing in Sanskrit is now a reality on a QWERTY keyboard with our nifty tool.

Sanskritdictionary.com - December 2011

Sanskritdictionary.com goes live! A day to celebrate
for all Sanskrit lovers. 
Our labour of love begins.


Macdonell's Grammar - June 2012

Online rendition of Macdonell’s Grammar


Word Across Languages - January 2013

How many ways can you say fun in Sanskrit?
Our synonym engine goes live along with
“word-across-languages”. Lots more fun!

Whitney's Grammar - February 2013

An online interface (searchable) to the wonderful Whitney’s Grammar goes live!

Online Sandhi Tool - February 2013


Calculate the Sandhi between any two letters or words and see which Pāṇinian rules have been involved.


Root Explorer - March 2014

We publish our tool to explore Sanskrit
roots. The around 2000 dhātus in
Sanskrit can now be visually explored.

Sanskrit Text to Speech - March 2014


We taught a computer to speak Sanskrit (purty well!) and linked it to our dictionary.

Sanskrit Posters - September 2014

We have created a series of Sanskrit posters for the classroom and for home.

A Vedic Grammar for Students - November 2014

An online reference to Macdonell’s Vedic Grammar is live!

A comparative Vedic and Classical Grammar - November 2014

A single place to compare grammatical references of the Vedic and Classical Grammars.

64 Arts Presentation - February 2015

A translation and slide show detailing the 64 arts which is mentioned in various contexts in Sanskrit literature.


Sanskrit Dictionary Grammar Search - June 2015

We added the 1st part of a grammar search to our Sanskrit dictionary.

Brāhmī Dictionary Output - September 2015

In honour of Brāhmī whose use has spanned Asia, we got our dictionary to output Brāhmī if you wish

Pāṇini Workshop - November 2015

An international seminar on Pāṇini with one of its most erudite scholars


Sanskrit OCR - March 2016

We were dreaming of a browser based OCR tool that could deal with Devanāgarī and mixed text too. So we had to make it happen 🙂

Word Frequency Tool - April 2016

This one came from the thought, what are most common words of each type to learn in Sanskrit. As you can imagine a useful tool for getting up to speed.

Sandhi Learning Game - June 2016

A cross between space invaders and a Sanskrit learning. One day we were thinking it would be nice to have an animated game to teach Sandhi rules.

Sanskrit WordNet - July 2016

We’ve implemented the superb WordNet data courtesy of CFILT on our dictionary.

Pāṇini Workshop - November 2016


The 2nd international seminar on Pāṇini with Dr. Sharma.

SanskritWriter for Mac - December 2016

Our Mac version of SanskritWriter has many more features most important to note is its conversational Sanskrit dictionary. Our concept was to get people composing Sanskrit on a daily basis again.


Āyurvedic Medical Dictionary - February 2017

An online reference (liked to our main dictionary) of Dr. Potturu’s excellent dictionary.

Laghusiddhānta Kaumudī - April 2017

An online reference to the English translation of Laghusiddhānta kaumudī by Ballantyne

Vasu's Aṣṭādhyāyī Translation - August 2017

An online reference to Vasu’s Ashṭādhyāyī


Pāṇini Research Tool - April 2018

A ready reference sūtra by sūtra.

7 years in the woods of Sanskrit video - June 2018

7 years in the woods of Sanskrit video

DLI Mirror - July 2018

A searchable mirror of the digital library of India (32TB!).

Indus Script Poster - August 2018

A poster of the Indus Script.


64 Arts poster - May 2019

64 Arts poster

Caraka.net Beta - June 2019

Beta site for our digital Caraka project

A lecture on Sanskrit at UCT - August 2019

A lecture on Sanskrit at UCT

A lecture on Sanskrit at the Consulate of India - September 2019

A lecture on Sanskrit at the Consulate of India

Presentation at the 6th ISCLS, IIT Kharagpur - October 2019

SRI Presentation at the 6th ISCLS, 23rd October 2019, IIT Kharagpur


Aufreght's Catalogus Catalogorum - December 2020

A digital index to the Catalogus Catalogorum of Aufrecht.


NCC Tagging Tool - January 2021

An interactive tool for tagging the NCC data.

Khoesaan Dictionary - September 2021

Khoesaan Dictionary

Khoekhoe Writer - October 2021

Khoekhoe Writer, now everyone can type Khoekhoe.


Etymology of Maldivian Island Names

SRI Kriti-SAMHiTA lecture - May, 2022


Sanskrit and Maldivian Poster - August 2023

Launch date August 2023


7th ISCLS conference - February 2024

Thank you for a very wonderful resource. It is impossible to express how great it is to have the MW, Apte and other dictionaries available.

Keith Morgan

Wow... This exists!! Really appreciate the effort you guys put in... really thankful…

Prateek Srivastava

Many thanks, guys, for such a wonderful project! You have done a great job!


This project is just fantastic! Kuddos

Santosh Gokhale

Wonderful work in the field of Sanskrit.

Sampadananda Mishra

A very appealing Sanskrit word-frequency application, quite apart from its technical utility, I think this application has an exemplary user interface.

Dominik Wujastyk

I’ve been searching all over for IAST based keying to enter svaras on IAST. No luck! This solved all my issues.

Mac App Store Review

It is really useful to students of Sanskrit.

Krishna Rao

Very admirable work. I extend gratification to the all of devoted to the work.

Surendra Nath Rai

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